April 3, 2004
The Coffee Depot
The Guilty Parties, Super Nothing, Knock-Out, Kid Gruesome

Well, I got to the show around 6pm only to find out that it started at 8pm. This gave me some time to chat with the many people that were already there and have a drink. We were able to move the tables and chairs out of the room and we had a decent “dance floor” for all the crazy people who like to do that sort of thing. Anyways, 8pm finally rolled around and the show got started. Kid Gruesome went on with their high energy and operation ivy-like sound. They went and did their thing and got the crowd moving. They ended their set with op ivy’s "yellin" in my ear”. Then they were on the road back to L.A. with some 909 fans. Next was Knock-Out. If you haven’t seen K.O. yet then you’re a moron. With members of The Skeletones and Dangerfield, K.O. I would say has a Sublime-like sound. All Sublime fans: This is a band you need to see. With their share of covers and original songs, they got everyone moving and put on a good show. Next was Super Nothing. We went on and opened with one of the favorites…you know it…”the first song on the demo”. The place was packed by this time. We played a new song that night, and it came out pretty good. I don’t know what we sound like so don’t expect me to tell you. Once we were done it was time for the mighty and much anticipated Guilty Parties to go on. There played a hell of a set. With their high energy ska/punk songs, they made girls want to take off their panties and guys the same…wait? Not even half way through their set they were shut down by coffee depot officials because they had other activities going on that night. Sorry GP! The night ended with the usual trip to Denny’s and it was nighty night for our brave young soldiers. Thanks for reading. Go see these bands live or you’re going to be shot with mustard!

Josh-Super Nothing