Wednesday April 28th 2004

Rx bandits
Chris Murray Combo

While Chris Murray was tuning crowds of people were walking into the chain reaction on Wednesday night. It was Rx Bandits second day of their DVD release party (the other one sold out) and everyone was surrounding the merch table. Chris Murray and his band started playing and there were a couple hardcore fans skanking to the music (including myself) to their relaxing tread ska rhythms. They played all the great songs such as “rock steady” and “ex darling.” It was an awesome set! The bassist was so rad with his stand-up bass and suave glasses and the drummer had that contagious smile. Matt Embree came out on stage and did his song with Chris Murray- that was so amazing. Everyone was really quiet just watching Matt Embree playing and seeing all his passion. It was another great performance by Chris Murray and his awesome band.

The band Brazil started setting up afterwards, and I have never heard of them, but I saw them set up a keyboard, so I was a bit curious to hear them. One thing: they were not ska. It’s a mix between Devo and Sparta. They had a lot of energy and had more people moving but most of the time the crowd was pretty dead. Their mix of music was pretty sweet and I would recommend them if you like Sparta. The next band was Melee, talk about a fun band! They came on stage with such positive energy and the singer had such a charming personality-it was refreshing. Their music reminded me of Rooney, or at least the pop-e-ness to it. Their music had the girl’s hips swaying and the guys watching. They are from Orange and their album is coming out next month. Their music was fun to dance to but if you are not a fan of Rooney I would not look into this band.

When Rx Bandits were setting up their equipment the crowd became restless and everyone who was standing like they were comatose finally were moving to the front. Matt Embree walked onto the stage and said, “this is the resignation-in no specific Order!” and bam-the music starts and this huge pit was formed. The pit was like a virus spreading through out the crowd infecting everyone and making everyone move to the rhythms. Rx bandits were rocking with as much energy as all the bands combines. They played all of the Resignation and got off stage. But if you have ever been to an Rx B show, you know that they always come back for an encore, and they came back and played some songs from Progress including “Infection.” It was great! Overall the show was awesome it was filled with a variety of music and a lot of energy. Every show rx bandits plays that I have seen, gets better and better, and I’d like to say, this show was better then the last one!