For those of you who don't know; Wedgekase was a Ska/Rock band from Riverside, CA. These guys rocked the local scene with A vengance for the last year and a half of their existance and were on of the few bands at the time in the scene to feature a moog driven sound. I had an interview with Wedgekase on Dec 29th 2001 before and after their final show at Filthy's music. The first segment with Aaron McInroe (Keyboard), the second part was with some of the band during the show, while the thrid part of the interview was conducted with the rest of the band after the show.

Part I

Dino: Welcome to the wedgekase interview, but you're the only wedgekase member. How's it going?
Mac: pretty good
D: that's good.
M: Yeah.
D: They said they were going to be here at 5?
M: they said the were going to be here, they said they were going to leave at 3:30 i think.It's 6.
D: I left at 415 or something like that.
M: I was supposed to get here after them.And I got here, it's been like an hour.
D: So you're here before them.
M: At least an hour.
D: Oh, this will be in the interview... when it's published
M: It will be funny, but it's really not funny, though
D: It does't matter, though.
M: Yeah, it doesn't, but the idea is that they're late-to our last show. That's the point we're trying to get across here.
D: it's a sad sad thing (sighs) What are your thoughts on that Aaron?
M: I think it's very important to the American people- the public-the genral public, not just americans, but worldwide
D: Everyone.
M: yes.
D: umm I don't see them (the band)
M: you will.
D: hopefully
M: In time you will-in time you will see them.
D: Well i've got a lot of tape to burn, so how's it going?
M: I'm doing alright. My feet are a little cold and i'm kinda hungry.
D: yes. theres a 24 hour doughnuts over there. We're going there after the show.
M: do they serve chicken and waffles there?
D: No, i don't think it's a Roscoes but it's 24 hours
M: We went to COCOs last time and it wasn't very good; The one right over there. They had bad lighting.
D: so you couldn't see what you were eating?
M: nuhuh i had to kind of guess
D: hmm... I hope this is turkey
M: yeah, it doesn't really taste the same when you can't see it.It's kind of like when you smell something and it smells really bad; but when you see it, it smells really good.
( we joke about food smells for a minute or so )
D: I don't think they're ever going to show up.
M: No, they aren't. This is all a big joke for the other bands that are playing. They probably don't care, though because they get to play still.
(we talk about taking their place without instruments and filling the time with cartwheels and dancing and drift off for a minjute)
D: Awesome. What an interview.
M: whoever reads this will be very disappointed.
D: Yeah, they'll be reading our talking. And I have to listen to it and type everything down.
M: I see someone-no that's not them.
D: That's travel Inn pakring only
M: Yeah, but this is a punk rock show they can park wherever they want
D: or drvie the wrong way
M: or drive the wrong way...
D: I've done that at the Showcase
M: I thought i missed the exit cause I was driving then it went this way and that way
(demonstrates with hand gestures)
D: Yeah! It says DIamond 4 miles and then there are no more signs until the exit
M: yeah it's the longest 4 miles i have ever driven!It felt like 9 or 10.
D: I thought everyone was all ehre waiting
M: yeah, that's what i though, I was in a hurry to get here. Driving the speed limit, though.
D: Yes. I wasn't driving the speed limit.
M: I wasn't really driving the speed limit, i was just going as fast as the guy in front of me.
D: I'm not going to tell you how fast I was going, just in case my mom reads this. (my freind jeff yells 85 from behind me)
M: you were trying to keep up with the flow of traffic
D: right. keeping up with the flow.
M: it's a safety issue. If they cared about your best interest then they'll be happy you drove 85.
D: yeah, because then you're not getting passed and people aren't mad at me
M: plus with this rain you have to drive really fast to avoid it.
D: Yeah, and if you're going fast, your tires hit the ground faster and it dries it. If i was going slow, i would be driving on water.
( we go on about water for a bit)
M: that's a large tape recorder.
D: It is, it's very old.
M: I have one of those little ones with little tapes. it's cute.
D: Yeah, those are for cool people. I'm recording over a Slow Gherkin tape for this interview.
M: Oh yeah?
D: Yeah, well I have it on CD and i did a bad job in recording the tape anyway.. a bunch of half songs.
M: Half songs, eh? I did that with a Mr T Experience CD i got off of Morpheus. (Mac goes on about how morpheus is inferior to the old napster and his bad mopheus luck and i contribute and fight club)
D: I have an idea, Wedgekase the soap bar!
M: that sounds like something The Aquabats would do.. that aquabats will sell anything. (we go on about the ingredients of the wedgekase soap)
M: my feet hurt. That will be good for the interview. If only you could see them.
D: Lets describe them. They are shoes in the shadows.
M: They're all black converse, I got the for X-mas. Even the souls are black--like my soul.(laughs) It's a similie. I thoguht it was a metaphor
D: Like or as.
M: It's like a metaphor.
D: Yes Very Good. Well that is all for wedgekase interview Part 1, featuring Aaron McInroe.


Dino: So Tell me who you are and what you play in Wedgekase
Chad: My name is Chad, I play Guitar and sing. Johann: My name is Pual McCartney and I play the flute. Sometimes I play the drums. (laughing ensues)
C: Poor guy is going to have to write pages and pages everytime we go off and say stupid things like I am right now.
Mac: It's not goig to be funny either (laughing. something falls, even more laughing and "Ohhh"s)
D: How did you guys get the name "Wedgekase?"
C: Well when we started out, we were a Ska band with a bunch of hornsand there was a girl in the band names Kasey, spelled K-A-S-E-Y and right before our first show, we were trying to think of a name and all the guys started giving her wedgies cause everyone was in high school; and I was like "Hey why don't we call ourselves 'Wedge Kase"" That's why Wedgekase is spelled with a "K"
J: Could you make that any longer?
C: Shut up. I went as fast as I could, every detail was important.
D: So how long have you guys been around?
C: uhh 3 years? uuhh We've been around for 3 years almost to the day. If we were to break up tomorrow, we would be together 3 years to the day.
D: Do you have anythin to say, man (towards Steven)
Steven: Who, me?
c: you're not the interview type are you?
S: No. (Steve goes back to the SNES that todd is playing)
D: So what do you have planned for your post-Wedgekase life?
C: You want to take this one mac?
M: Thanks Chad. Well Chad was planning to support his new child Mikey before he learns how to play guitar. Then Mikey will be supporting Chad with his high-grossing guitar shows.
J: Hey Mac, what are you going to do?
M: Me?
J: Yes
M: I'm going to work at target
J: yes
M: for about 6 months
J: Yes
M: and i'm going to
J: Yes
M: go the way of Todd
J: Yes
M: and leave for my mission
J: Yes, you Mackie
M: how about you joseph?
J: I'm going to hang out.(...pauses. Laughing breaks out.)
C: We're probably going to work on our record label a bit. Big W Records.
M: And possibly The cheerleaders.
C: Oh yes, a new band called the Cheerleaders, kind of more simple pop-rock
J: Like The Ramones
M: Hey there's Steven.
J: Introduce yourself Steve
S: I'm Steven. Uhh.. Cool It's doing things! (looking at the tape recorder) Whoa is this from the 80's?(laughing)
D: I think it's from the 70s..
M: Shut up, we're being intervied
J: My name is Steven
S: Shut up. You're not Steven, I'm Steven.
C: Whoa, we better stop real qucik and Check out the Velvet Teens
S: Yeah, ok. But yes. I'm Steven

Part III

Dino: It should be recording
Todd: Sweet, cool
D: So Todd, where are you going?
T: New Jersey, Morse Town for my mission. I leave this Wednesday. Am I supposed to still be talking?
D: Yes.
T: I'm going on my mission. Yeah, that's it.
D: How was your overall experience in Wedgekase?
T: It was one of the greatest experiences in my whole life. It was just really really fun. The whole time.It was a great experience, lots of fun, lots of really good friends.
(steven walks up)
Steven: Are we going anywhere to eat?
Chad: Shhhh
T: we're being interviewed, shut up!
S: oh, sorry. (laughing)
D: How was your experience in Wedgekase, Steven?
S: It was fun. With the Rocking and The Rolling. The Drugs. The Girls. The Fast cars and Fast women. (laughing)
T: Not Quite
S: Yeah, it was pretty slow with the Women. But the cars were fast!
C: We were always late, thats why the cars were fast.
T: It wasn't the cars themselves.
S: Yeah, The Chad was Slow.
D: Your overall experience with Wedgekase Chad?
C: It was a blast man. It was fun. I was in a band in high school and I did all these things I never got to do and put out 3CDs all by ourselves. It's been awesome, really really cool.We were all friends for years and years and years and years way before Wedgkase, before we could even play. I remeber Mac was like 15 when he joined the band; now he's like 16 1/2 or something (everyone laughs)
M: I didn't get older, I just got softer.
(more laughing)
M: I didn't say that, it's off the record.
D: What's going to be down the djfuahga.. (..pause..) Chherleaders.
C: The Cheerleaders are going to be a more bluesy ramones style simple basic rock-n-roll. We're going to be kinda goofy. Wedgekase was more serious and we wrtoe about good principles and we're not going to invest as much time and emotion into it; because we probably wont do that much with the cheerleaders...
C: Also your Picture is on the cover of our CD, did you notice that?
D: Yeah
C: Very Cool. Thanks a lot! It's a lot of fun, I think people will like it--It's a bummer that we'll never know. (laughing)
D: Any last words anyone?
S: My last words would be good times
T: Great Oldies
S: I really feel like something to drink.
C: Thanks Dino. Put That on record. Thanks DINO, we love DINO.
T: Yeah Dino is the man
C: Put that in the interview so that people will be like, man that Dino is a good interviewer and you'll make lots of money and get hired to write for meanstreat or something like that.
S: Yeah
C: It's good because you're a really good interviewer. (laughing)
T: This is the funnest interview we've ever had.
C: The Questions are at the very least, thought provoking. And at the most, very exciting and thrilling.
T: Each question took me on a new journey. (laughing) I was rivted to the tape machine.. man that sucked!
S: It did suck!
T: Anyway we;ll end it here.
D: Goodbye.

Slow gherkin then plays on the tape and this interview is over.