Are you a Ska, Punk Or Reggae group from the IE or surrounding areas? If you're not on this list EMail with your band name, a short Bio and the city where you are from, and He'll put you on here.

Ska Bands

Reggae Bands

Punk Bands

A Billion Ernies
ABE are a HardcorePunk/Ska band and they have developed an original sound and have gone through many Destiny's Child-like member changes, but still go on rock it. ABE is a christian band and love to spread the word.
A Billion Ernies Site

Arch Hero
From the ashes of Empty Piggy Bank and Upperoom arise the head-splitting, gut-wrenching, thirst-quenching reggea ska punk of 'Arch Hero'. Fast Kung Fu riffs combined with kick-you-to-the-ground drums and grab your sack vocals give Arch Hero an skank your ass off original sound. This four-peice hails from the Riverside area and will soon rain pain in a town near you.
Please visit viewer discretion unadvised.

The Audio Visual Club
The Audio-Visual Club was formed in December of 2001. Its members came from a variety of different bands, instruments and musical genres. Do you like ska? Well then this is your band. Do you like rocking out (with some ska) then this is your band, again!
AVC's Website

Caffeinated Superhereos
A band that's not afraid to say, "Yes! Sushi is better with ketchup!" Oh ya, they play music too! These ten creatures play theier music that will grab you the way an angry tiger grabs a gazelle! Check it out and be flabbergasted! Remember: Good time fun, BAD time smell... that's the Caffeinated Superheroes Promise!!!!
Caffeinated Superheroes' Website

Cerebro Negro
Cerebro Negro is am 8 member Mexican Ska band formed in early 2003 and plays the party cicuit as well as club shows.
Cerebro Negro's Website

The Guilty Parties
The Guilty Parties are a High-Energy 10-piece Ska/Punk band. Their first show was in January 2003 and ever since then The Guilty Parties have been gaining a steady fan base in the IE with their rockin-good shows and stage presence.
The Guilty Parties Site

The Heavyweights
From:Echo Park & Hollywood
An Echo Park & Hollywood, CA based ska band: with metal, funk, punk, classical, cumbia and pop influences. They are able to play any show any time. Just send us an e-mail:
The Heavyweights website

Chris Murray
From:Los Angeles
Chris Murray is known as the One Man Ska Band. All he needs is his acoustic guitar and his voice and he can grab your attention with his simple but sweet ska and rocksteady tunes. Chris is extremely devoted to the Ska scene in So Cal and is just an aweosme all-around guy.
Chris Murray's Site

The Red Store Bums
From:Mead Valley
The Red Store Bums paly a mix of Mexican Ska and Rockabilly.
The Red Store Bums Website

La Banda Skalavera
From:Mead Valley
La Banda Skalavera is a Spanish Ska/Cumbia Band that has been playing in large clubs locally and a a big name in the Local scene.
La Banda Skalavera's Website

The Skeletones
The Skeletones have been around since the late 1980's and are Riverside's longest running Ska band and they're still going strong today. These guys have been the Ska and Reggae since before many of us knew how to tie our shoes.
The Skeletones Website

From:Orange County
Born in the early part of 2003 comes one of the most exciting new bands ever to hit the streets. Formed by seven of Orange Counties best known young musicians, this super group of sorts manages to mix and incorporate music styles from all over the world. By blending modern pop and rock music, with the sounds of reggae, punk, ska, funk, and world beat, they have taken and recreated music on a whole new level.
Starpool's Homepage

Strikes Midnight
From:Upland/Rancho Cucamonga
Strikes Midnight is a brand new plays a mix of the ska and the punk. This band features member(s) of the now defunct "Black Ties."
Strikes Midnight Site

From:Moreno Valley
SuperNothing plays a mix of Reggae and Ska that is smooth, and at some times, punchy. SuperNothing have been playing locally and doing club shows since the end of 2003.
SuperNothing's Site

The Un-Fun Slide
The Un-Fun Slide is a relatively new band that was formed out of the Ashes of No Value/AVC members and friends and have recently recorded a Cd with 9 Full Tracks of Third Wave Ska for your Ma.
The Un-Fun Slide's Webplace

Better Chemistry
From:La Verne
Better Chemistry is a great up and coming Reggae, Rock and Ska band. Whether you're driving in a car, floating on your boat, at a party, in a club or in your own house, Better Chemistry adds a touch of positivity in peoples lives and sends messages of peace and good living through their music.
Better Checmistry's Website

Beyond Rhythm
Beyond Rhythm is a roots reggae band from the 909 and they are recording some tracks at the henhouse.
Beyond Rhythm's Website

Creation Rebels
From:The inland Empire
Creation Rebels Real roots music from the originators themselves. Roots Rock Reggae at its finest.

The Debonaires
The Debonaires are an amazing Reggae/Soul band that have been around since the mid 90s when most of the members were still in high school! The Debonaires are currently in the studio recording their 3rd Full-Length CD which should be out this year!
The Debs Site.

Knock-Out Features Jared from the skeletones and Anthony from Dangerfield. The band can play a huge ammount of covers and has recently recorded a 6-song EP Ska Punk and Reggae material.
Knock-Out's Website

The B-Sharps
The B-Sharps are a 3 piece Punk/Ska outfit that fromed in the summer of 2003. These guys play lighthearted punk rock tunes with a pinch of ska that makes you want to rock along with them.

From:Moreno Valley
Dangerfield has been playing locally in Riverside for about a year and a half as Better Than Nothing and The Dropout Kids. They Finally Settled on a Name: Dangerfield. These guys play punk, Ska and hardore and are pretty good at it.
Dangerfield's Website

The Giggaloops
From:San Bernardino
The Giggaloops are a 4-piece, female fronted Punk outfit which at times sounds like a punkier version of the old No Doubt. This band is fun and often plays the Sna Bernardino Area, check them out.
The Giggaloops site

Voodoo Glow Skulls
Voodoo Glowskulls have been around since the early 90s and they have been rocking Riverside and the IE since the beginning. VGS has a large fanbase all around the world and spend most of their time recording and touring.
The Official VGS Site