1/14/06 Ladies and Gentlemen, I thikn it's safe to say that IEska is pretty much dead... the site anyway. The scene down here is going strong and the band have been rocking out hard with releases by The Debonaires, The Guilty Parties, The Skeletones, Knock-Out and a whole host of new bands hitting the scene in 2005, we were very happy to see IEska progress without the assistance of this site.

The message board and the shows page will still be running, but nothing else will be updated; I'm a full-time student at CSUSB and I have a job and a band on top of it, so I have no time for this site. Thanks to everyone who ever visted and hopefully I'll see you at a show sometime! Peace!

4/18/05 Sorry about the non-frequent updates, but The Guilty Parties and Work have been keeping me pretty busy; but some good news, The Guilty Parties are finally working on their CDs they've been promising everyone for the last year or so, and they're going to spreading their love to AZ and Nor Cal this summer. Since we last updated A couple of new bands have started playing, Most notably Stiff Jimy and The Viagras, who are former members of The Theives, Dangerfield and SuperNothing. I'll add them to the bands pages when I get to writing a bio. Oh yes, I'm thinking about getting one of those nifty Myspace accounts for IEska, it'll kind of make updating easier and It will provide lots of links to other IE bands' myspace accounts, just to build a stronger community and get people to reach out to each other a lil more.

In other news, keep checking the IEska board for news on upcoming shows most of the posts are often about shows at the RBC and local spots you can hit when you've got nothing to do. Anyway, I'm going to get to work on some web stuff so I'll you you peace. Peace!

3/02/05 Nevermind that Glasshouse thing... The show has been cancelled.

3/01/05 The Guilty Parties are headlining a show at The Glasshouse this weekend! Be there or be a sad sad man woman or child...

2/20/04 We're still alive here at IEska, but it's our hibernation season cause aparrently we are woodland creatures, and that's what we do for the winter. So keep checking the shows page and keeping supporting your local bands.. peace!

1/13/04 Who do Voodoo? Riverside does Voodoo! Voodoo Glow Skulls will be playing a hometown show at the Riverside Life Arts Building on University Januray 21st (next Friday). Tickets are only $8 and the show starts @7, be there!

12/31/04 We have reached the end of the year and well it was the best year ever for IEska.tk! Probably because we didn't come into existance until this year, but nonetheless it was a great year for Inland Empire Ska! We have brought Ska back to the Showcase Theatre in Corona, we had another KFC show, we've invaded the Coffee Depot, We had the Rivercidal Ska/Reggae fest, the coming out of new bands, the loss of old bands and tons of shows. Next year can only be better with the expected release of albums by The Skeletones, Knock-Out, The Debonaires and The Guilty Parties, The IEska scene will hopefully only grow stronger over the next year and we here at IEska.tk hope to be even more involved with anything and everything we can. Thanks to everyone who has visited and contiues to visit and post on the board, if it wasn't for you guys, I wouldn't be doing this. Alrighty I'm Out... I'll see you all in the new year!

12/21/04 The Showcase Theatre will be holing and all Local Ska night on Dec 30th with Knock-Out, The Guilty Parties, The Un-Fun Slide, The Culprits and Los Skabrones. I hope to see you all out there supporting and skanking it up. Peace.

12/12/04 Hello again IEska folk. Long time no update, but it's finals month and you know how that goes (remember June?)anyway I just wanted to tell you guys about the brand new Ska Summit site. It was put up this week and it's running a great deal smoother than the last Ska Summit site did, so go ahead and take a look around! www.SkaSummit.com